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The development of technology systems has brought with it an increase in attacks via the web. Present in various forms, hacking is becoming more widespread these days. It only takes a little carelessness to fall into the nets of those who do. This is particularly delicate when it comes to sensitive data. Fortunately, web security allows you to protect yourself from these attacks. It is a very clever way to discourage hackers. If you want to know more about web security, here are the essentials.

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What is (web) security?

As the name suggests, web security deals with the protection of websites and other applications. Under an operating system like Windows, the Internet is a means to attack data. Connecting to the internet is a fairly high risk of exposure to phishing.

When it comes to phishing, malicious individuals set you up like a hook. It is enough to make you believe that you are on a normal site when in reality it is a poor copy. Thus, when you will have to enter your credentials, the hacker will automatically access them.

Fortunately, web security has put in place measures to counter this type of attack. Among other things, data encryption and firewalls (e.g. Windows Defender) are used.

How to best protect your devices?

Protecting your mobile devices

Computers are the most frequent targets of cyber-attacks. As stated above, firewalls are an excellent way to protect against this. It is also advisable to keep all Windows and Microsoft applications up to date. As a reminder, you can enable the automatic update when you connect to a Wi-Fi.

Another way to best protect your device is to check the access links to the websites you connect to. To this end, sites that use the HTTPS protocol offer advanced levels of security. These include encryption, data integrity and authentication. Thus, not only is the data encrypted, preventing others from stealing it, but it is also incorruptible.

Contrary to what many people think, phones are also the target of hacking. It is then equally important to ensure their safety. Just like on computers, you can install anti-virus and anti-malware software that detects threats every time.

Also, you can set your default web browser to block access to suspicious sites. Some phones also have features that prevent the installation of applications from unknown sources.

What is online hacking?

Online hacking

Online hacking is a very common form of online piracy. It consists of a malicious individual crashing into someone else’s online account. It is the second most common form of cyber-attack and is affecting more and more individuals and businesses. Email accounts, social networks, online platforms that are very practical in everyday life are quite targeted by hackers.

The latter are more interested in the mailbox. Hacking the latter is the target par excellence of hackers. Indeed, the mailbox is full of a multitude of data and confidential exchanges. It provides access to password confirmations used on various platforms.

Is it possible to hack easily?

hack easily

As many may notice, hackers usually take advantage of the vulnerability of their target’s security systems. However, there is an ethical area of hacking.

This is quite surprising since the notion of piracy directly refers to something negative. When the latter is positive, it is called ethical piracy. The intrusion principle is still used, except that it is useful for benevolent purposes.

Ethical hackers use their skills to attack corporate security systems with the same techniques as malicious hackers. However, their purpose is to detect flaws and report them to the owners.

They also propose solutions to remedy the situation. Like the latter, the Grey Hats operate legally. Nevertheless, they may exceed the limits set by law. Although it may sound a bit complicated, you can learn hacking.

You can easily find tools like PDF tutorials that will help you with this. If you prefer videos, Youtube will be a great ally for you. You will find all kinds of videos to learn the basics of hacking.

There are also better training sites for understanding cybersecurity where you can hacking tools. With many applications on recognized sites, you can hope to go pro and become a certified ethical hacker.

What is a surveillance software (smartphone, computer)?

In order to ensure computer security, monitoring software is quite useful. A surveillance software is either installed on a private individual’s computer system or on a company’s system.

The latter uses various techniques to gain insight into the activities performed on a company’s computer system. It can be a stand-alone application or part of a firewall, antivirus or information security software suite.

How does it work?

The monitoring software oversees all network traffic as well as application activity. The different integrated rules allow a description of the system’s activities.

The administrator is also notified when any activity is working to breach the system. This activity causes unusual behavior in the operating system. This kind of software also acts as a spy on the activities carried out by the employees of a company.

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