How to hack a phone?

phone hacking

If you’re wondering how to hack a phone remotely, it’s probably because you think someone close to you is hiding something. It is true that if this is the case, monitoring the person’s cell phone could reveal what they are up to.

If you use the right tool, at least! Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time jumping from tutorial to tutorial and may not even get what you want. You can’t become a hacker like that these days… especially since these little gadgets are getting more and more secure!

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But don’t be discouraged. There is a technique to hack a smartphone without having any prior knowledge of hacking. And in this post, I’m going to show you how.

Spyware: the only reliable method to hack a smartphone remotely

The ideal technique to remotely connect to a smartphone is the phone spy software. For those who are not aware, here is some basic information.

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What is spyware?

It is essentially a turnkey spy program. In other words, it’s a highly sophisticated spy software with few moving parts, but it’s also quite simple to use.

Basically, this type of software was created to give parents answers on how to exercise some control over their children’s smartphones. That’s why most of these programs allow you to block a person, restrict access to certain applications or define when children can use the Internet.

A tool of this style, intended for unfaithful spouses, appeared on the Internet about a year ago. It was designed to help sensitive people, who are looking for an opportunity to denounce their husband or wife as unfaithful. Shortly thereafter, the suspicious spouses seized the device. For, one of the characteristics of the spy software: it can work entirely

In a word, spyware is a hacking tool that can be used by anyone. rfectly acceptable.

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What can you do with a spy app?

This is not the case if you do not have enough information about his or her previous relationships. To really answer all your questions about someone, you need to be able to analyze every detail of their phone. Our interactions have been greatly exacerbated by smartphones. You should take a quick look at your spouse or child’s phone.

This is where spyware gets really intriguing. It’s the secret agent’s tool in the guise of a small gadget! Take a look at what you can accomplish with it and see for yourself:

  • You will be able to listen to SMS/MMS and check the call log, of course.
  • You will also be able to see communications from WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Snapchat and other similar messaging services.
  • You’ll also be able to check out her social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • The keylogger option will give you full access to its browsing history and allow you to know exactly what was entered.
  • Not only can you see where they went and when, but you can also track their movements with their GPS location. In addition, the geofencing feature allows you to define specific locations that will generate notifications upon entry.

Nothing will escape you with a spy program on the phone of a person to monitor! I would like to emphasize that spy applications operate in the utmost secrecy and are completely undetectable.

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Is using spyware legal?

Spyware can invade a person’s privacy and interfere with their business. Thus, it poses the problem of legality! Indeed, according to the French law (n°78-17), the violation of this one is punished by 45 000 euros of fine and one year of prison.

However, you may be held liable if you install the monitoring software on another person’s computer without their consent. There is no risk to you if you tell him and he gives you written permission or if you are the owner of the line by law.

If you want to hack a smartphone remotely, it’s best if the person you’re targeting isn’t aware of what you’re doing. This is the case. It’s up to you to decide if the end justifies the means and if you are willing to take the risk.

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Spying on the Cloud: how to access this wealth of information

Today, all cell phones automatically save data in the Cloud, which is a kind of virtual space. Everything that passes through your phone is automatically saved online! This includes media files, contacts and conversations via messaging applications. Yes, the Cloud really does exist as a treasure trove of information!

  • However, I recommend that you configure the backup settings of your Cloud account. It is quite possible that your victim has disabled this backup option. To do this, simply go to the phone menus, then to the Cloud area and select enable.
  • If you know the password to their cloud account, you should have no problem accessing it. If not, then you should try another approach to spying. It is not true, and I want to warn you about some scams, that a cloud account can be hacked without a lot of computer expertise.
  • Whether it’s an iCloud, Samsung Cloud or Huawei Cloud, your data is secure. Therefore, resetting the password is unnecessary; instead, you will have to perform a two-step verification and answer secret questions to gain access. In addition, all account credentials are required by programs that fetch data from the cloud.

Locating a smartphone with and without an app: here’s how

If you want to know where your target is at all times, taking control of their phone and having access to the information on it can be useful. Knowing your geographical position in real time is also fascinating! And it’s a good thing, because here again, our dear smartphones make it easy for us. There are several methods to monitor the GPS of a gadget.

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If you have access to the victim’s cloud account, you can view the device’s location on a map.

Locate my iPhone is the most recognized application for locating an iPhone. This software is quite simple to use and only requires that you have installed it on your victim’s phone and that you have activated the Locate my device option. Install this program on your device and then enter the phone number of your victim. Then look at its GPS position in real time using

Finally, browse your victim’s Google account to find their phone. This method only works with Android devices. In any case, it is a simple technique. Go to the following website: and enter your victim’s Google Account information. If the “Locate my device” option is enabled and the device has an Internet connection, the victim’s Google account is displayed

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Putting a smartphone under surveillance: techniques of the pros

The applications we have covered so far have their own limitations. Let’s be honest, none of us are experts! If this were the case, we would be spoilt for choice when it comes to remote smartphone hacking.

For your information, here are some of the most common phone hacking methods.

Sim-swapping: the theft of the phone number

This is probably the easiest way to hack a cell phone. Remember, it’s still illegal! However, as a result of this, I did my own study to understand how to sim-swap.

It is very simple. The secret is to request that the victim’s phone number be transferred to a second sim card. You don’t need any special skills to do this! You need your victim’s personal information, which includes at least their operator, first and last name, address and phone number.

If you have this information, simply call your victim’s carrier and request the migration of their phone number, citing theft or loss. In reality, you should expect the operator to refuse to do this and ask you to go to a point of sale in person with your ID card. It is precisely because of sim-swapping

Despite this, some hackers are sometimes so convincing that they manage to get the phone number of their victims. They can then secretly access text messages, phone calls, and apps like WhatsApp and Tinder… And to home banking applications! In fact, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, was a victim of this.

The sim-jacking technique: a virus that attacks the sim card

Hackers target the sim card for a good reason: it allows them to take control of your phone! Sim-jacking is a type of virus that spreads via SMS and infects the sim card. AdaptativeMobile discovered this malware.

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Unlike the sim swap, which is easier to do, the sim jack is very difficult to set up, even though it is easy to understand how it works. Indeed, it looks like a standard SMS but actually incorporates a number of executive commands that allow you to remotely control your SIM card.

The most worrying aspect of this story is that the user does not always have to open the message for the virus to spread. Just receiving it is enough! It works completely unnoticed and, in some circumstances, it self-destructs once its work is done.

Sim jacks are, in a word, the most powerful remote hacking tool available. However, they are also the most difficult to set up!

The phishing method

To summarize, we will discuss phishing in detail in the next section. To finish this little overview of phone hacking methods used by hackers, let’s quickly review phishing. Phish is a French translation of phishing, which immediately explains what it is all about! The objective of this technique is to fish for sensitive information as a lure

As this study points out, the phishing approach can take different forms. However, in all cases, it is a matter of pretending to be someone the victim trusts and making them look like someone they know nothing about.

The email appears to come from the victim’s bank advisor, asking him to reset his personal passwords. It is also conceivable that the victim will receive an e-mail about a special offer for their credit card code if they frequent a specific store. In short, there are many examples, and we are all susceptible to being targets! The phishing tactic is frequently linked to ransomware, according to the same study. In this situation, the hacker demands a ransom in exchange for sensitive information. He broke into the victim’s Facebook account and began interacting with her about her infidelity. Therefore, social networks are also vulnerable to phishing. Before you provide your login information, be sure who you are dealing with.

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