How to hack a Snapchat account?

Snapchat hacking

You want to hack a Snapchat account but you don’t know how to go about it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer professional to get out of it, here are our different tips on how to hack a Snapchat account :

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Method 1 to hack a Snapchat account: spy via mSpy

Mspy logo to hack snapchat

Mspy is an excellent mobile spy application that allows you to monitor the entire phone of the person of your choice but it also gives you access to Snapchat data. And all this without being unmasked.

After installing the application, you need to log in to the online portal. Once you arrive on the dashboard, go to the “Snapchat” section under the “Social Networks” category on the left side of your screen. In this particular place, you can see all the conservations of the person you want to hack.

mSpy also gives you the ability to monitor Snapchat messages using its keylogger. This keylogger will be very useful. If you missed some sent and received messages in the “Snapchat” section, don’t worry, you can get all the keystrokes made in the Snapchat app in the “keylogger” section of mSpy.

Another advantage of the application: you can also get the date and time of each message sent and received. This even applies to deleted messages. You can find out if your child is sleeping or texting with friends. To do this, the application will take screenshots of the conversations and then combine them with the keylogger. This will allow you to observe the entire Snapchat activity of the desired person. It will have no more mystery for you.

Also, if someone has a malicious photo or video about you in their Snapchat gallery, you can make it disappear. You can get a free seven-day trial. For a premium subscription, count currently 41,99 € per month without commitment. To get a discount, you must commit to three months (€23.56 per month) or twelve months (€9.91 per month). There are other discounts available on other websites.

Method 2: uMobix

uMobix illustration to hack Snapchat

This second application is also excellent in its field regarding Snapchat hacking. The first step is to connect via your device and take out a monthly subscription. Then, you just have to follow the different steps for the installation which are not complicated to realize.

You must also go to the “Snapchat” section. You can view the Snapchat activity of the person of your choice in the form of screenshots. In fact, the application will record its activity only when the targeted person uses it. Unlike mPsy, you can see the information you are interested in in pictures rather than text. You can even have the location of the targeted person.

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Like mSpy, this application uses the Keylogger feature, all the keystrokes made on the keyboard will be communicated to you. The date and time will be as well. You can even find out if the person is currently using Snapchat or not. This is very advantageous to know for example if your child is really sleeping. In addition, the prices of the various subscriptions are exactly the same as the mSpy application.

If we were to compare with mSpy, uMobix has the same features except for geolocation. On the other hand, it has as features: Audio Stream, Video Stream and photo snapshot which are not present in mSpy. Both applications are very interesting, it really depends on your needs. Which features do you need first and which ones are not necessary? Do you prefer to have images or text to spy on? What do you need from the target person: all their photos and videos? Depending on your answers to these questions, you can determine which application is the most suitable.

Beware, these apps only work if you meet the following condition: Get the iCloud (or OneDrive) credentials of your target. If iCloud backup is not enabled on his phone, you will surely need to physically access it.

Method 3: Phishing to hack Snapchat

Phishing to hack a Snapchat account

Here is another method to hack Snapchat account: phishing. In this case, it is a fraudulent technique to trick a person into giving out personal data (Snapchat account name and password) by pretending to be the Snapchat application. To do this, you need to send an e-mail to the target person with a fake login page to a service you have created. If the person falls into the trap thinking that it is a legitimate mail, he will click on the link and give you his username and password and you will have access to his account. You can use this technique by sending a text message or by calling.

On the other hand, this is not the best solution to hack a Snapchat account since it is illegal. Then the chances that the targeted person will fall for it are less since this fraudulent technique is very widespread and therefore very well known. Developing a phishing campaign is also a lot of work. The other downside is that many people have secured their Snapchat accounts with dual authentication. If this is the case for your target, you will not be able to access their account since you do not have their phone.

If you still want this technique that can work, you need to follow these steps.

First of all, you have to clone the following repository: Then configure PYTHON3 and PIP3 and install PYTHON3. Then you have to launch and open SocialFish. You have to select the link you want to clone, in your case it is “”. Finally, you can also add a custom page. Then you take care of sending the email to your target and it’s done. All you have to do is wait for the person to connect via this connection link.

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Method 4: Professional Snapchat hackers

a professional Snapchat hacker

If you have not succeeded in the previous hacking techniques or do not want to attempt them, you can always call on professional hackers. They are experts in the field of security and have spy software. Depending on your request, they can give you your target’s password, conversations, photos, videos, etc. They can hack anything and everything so Snapchat accounts, it is not a complicated task for them.

Beware, there is a danger with professional hackers, you may run into a scam. Indeed, some people pretend to be experts, they ask you to contact them and then pay them for their mission. And guess what? Not only will your target’s Snapchat account not be hacked, but you will have been taken money for nothing. They can also hack you back.

That’s why we strongly advise you to hire a professional hacker who is part of your network. You can try to find information on the web, but this is not the most suitable method.

Method 5: The bruteforce to hack Snapchat

This brute force attack is a technique that will allow you to crack the password of the Snapchat account of your choice. To do this, you will test different permutations and combinations of the alphabet, numbers and characters.

There are several programs and scripts that can do this specifically for you. The software simply uses all possible combinations of a given set of numbers or letters. This method is effortless and does not require any ingenious techniques. This is much faster than manually entering different combinations, but it still takes a long time to crack the password since the complexity of the password determines how long it takes to crack it.

Weak passwords such as “12345” or “azerty” are tried first and therefore hacked in less than a second. Using this method, hackers can crack weak Snapchat passwords in no time. However, passwords today have become much more complex.

the Snapchat login window

Method 6: Dictionary attack

This attack is much more ingenious than the previous one only if the password is not totally unique. The “username + password” combinations are pre-selected and have a higher probability of being correct. People often create simple passwords for their Snapchat accounts, so dictionary attacks work very well to crack Snapchat passwords. You have for example the Kali Linux software to perform this type of attack.

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Method 7: saved passwords

Often, people tend to save their passwords on their browser to avoid forgetting it and retyping it every time they log in. If this is the case for your target, this technique will be much easier.

To perform this type of hacking, here are the steps to follow: first of all, you need to inspect an element and change the format of the password to plain text. You need to change type id- “password” to type id- “text”.

How do I inspect the elements on a page? You must first open your login page and then wait for your browser to display the username and password as asterisks. Then right click on a page or press F12. In the source code, you have to modify the “password type” field. Finally, change “password” to “text” and the password will be displayed.

Method 8: Online Snapchat hack tools

If you type in your search bar: “how to hack a Snapchat account”, you’ll see a bunch of websites offering help. You will find a lot of software but is it a good method?

Online hacking tools are strongly discouraged as they do not work. We have tested them for you and they are not at all effective since we never managed to get access to a Snapchat account of a person of our choice. In reality, these tools are there to make you click on ads, to get your email address to send you spam or to make you complete a survey. Their only goal is not to hack but to make money from the people who use their services.

Method 9: Other tips

  • If you have the ability to have your target’s phone in your possession, you can try logging into their Snapchat account from your device. Put “ forgot password ” and go to his e-mail box to change his password. On the other hand, you have to delete his e-mails to avoid getting caught and this method is ephemeral. The targeted person will realize this and change their password again.
  • You can hack your target’s phone to spy on their Snapchat account. You have for example HoverWatch to hack a phone number.
  • In addition, you can test Snapchat’s cookie-stealing technique. To do this, you need to use the BURP and BEEF suite of tools from Kali Linux. Or USBstealer.

If you are close to your target, you can try to get them to connect to your fake Wi-Fi network to get their Snapchat login and password. You have the Wi-Fi Pumpkin 3 tool for this type of technique but it is not free. Or, there is Zanti Pentesting Toolkit for Android.

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