How to locate a cell phone?

Losing your smartphone is one of the most frightening experiences of the modern age. Contact information, personal information, photos and financial data are included. If you’ve misplaced your cell phone or are concerned that it may have fallen into the wrong hands, there are steps you can take to find it. But that’s not the only reason, you may also need to locate your child’s, husband’s, friend’s or family member’s smartphone to know where they are at the moment.

Anyway, this guide will show you some reliable methods to locate a cell phone easily? There are precise methods of location via dedicated applications but also online via platforms.

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Geofencing software to find a phone

A phone spy software can be installed discreetly to geolocate the target phone from your device (smartphone or tablet). There are many spyware applications available in Google Play Store. Some of them come with a free trial period and others offer discounts for new users.

locate a phone online

For all these spyware, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the online application site
  • Create a free account
  • Choose a subscription option and enter payment details
  • Prepare the target phone for installation
  • Download and install the application on the target device following the instructions received
  • Perform all tasks and change settings
  • Check the configuration
  • Log in to your control panel on the website and start tracking the location of the target phone using the geofencing options

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Top 4 spyware programs you can use to locate a mobile

There are many cell phone tracking applications available on the market. The advantage of these applications is that they work in stealth mode. This means that users will not know that they are being tracked. You can get the information you need such as the exact location of the person without changing their normal behavior. Apart from their main functionality as parental control software to protect your child, installing these programs offers you the advantage of easily finding your device, and even locking it remotely, if it has been stolen.


The first application we recommend you try is mSpy . This is one of the best parental monitoring apps available on the market, according to user reviews. It is a robust platform with features such as smartphone monitoring, location tracking with full travel history and even alert notification if the target phone leaves a pre-determined secure area.


uMobix is a parental control application that works for both Android and iOS phones. It also works in stealth mode, which means that you can track the target’s location without them knowing it. Although the application is not entirely free, it does offer a free demo that allows you to test it before you buy it. No rooting or jailbreaking is required. required and the software comes with an advanced GPS tracker and an interactive map that allows parents to track their children’s location in real time.


Flexispy GPS tracking is one of the most popular features of the brand. It allows you to discreetly track anyone’s location at any time. You need to install the flexispy app on the target device and it will display the GPS location of your target on your online dashboard for convenient viewing. This way, you remain invisible and secretly track any cell phone device. Flexyspy is compatible with BlackBerry, Mac, Windows and Android.


Hoverwatch is a phone spy application capable of giving users the ability to monitor phone calls, SMS messages, social messages, calendars, etc. The application also offers location tracking, which is an extremely essential feature for most business managers. Hoverwatch’s features are approximately the same, with the added bonus of great customer service and regular newsletters to receive updates.

Find My iPhone” geolocation feature for iOS

Find My iPhone is a tool that helps users find their lost or misplaced iPhone. It is used to locate the target device on a map and also track its location in real time.

On your home screen, tap Settings, Your Name and then iCloud. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, iCloud and scroll down and tap Locate My iPhone. You will receive the last location.

Now, in case of loss, you just need to log into from any other mobile and eventually see your device on a map. If it is nearby, activate the ringer to ring immediately. If he is far from home or you can’t find him, you can activate the “Lost” mode.

For security reasons, you can also press “Delete Data” to erase all information from the device. You don’t have to worry about deletion, because once the device is recovered, you can use tools such as IMyFone D-Back to retrieve all deleted information, even if it is not backed up.

Find My Device” geolocation feature on Android

find my Android device

For Android, you must first download the Find My Device application from Google. To do this:

  • Open the Play Store on your device
  • Search for “Locate my phone” and download the application
  • Once you have downloaded the application, you must activate it
  • Open the device search application on your cell phone
  • Select the google account you want to use to search for the device
  • Enter your Google ID and password
  • Press connect
  • Grant access to the application and you are ready

If you have lost your mobile, you can then locate it via the “Find My Device” website. Sign in to the Google account that was used to set up the Find my Device search. It usually only takes a few minutes to find your device, as long as it is turned on or connected to the Internet.

Pro tip: you can do a Google search for Find My device to locate your phone from a Chrome page you’ve logged into.

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Using your IMEI

Locate a phone with IMEI

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a telephone protection system that helps identify mobiles and find their locations. Each mobile is associated with a specific numerical code of at least 14 characters. Try to note this number when you buy your mobile. It is usually on the box, the SIM card or the battery.

It isan international standard to help locate lost or stolen mobiles if they are switched off or not detectable with GPS. The IMEI is also used by law enforcement to locate mobile devices that have been involved in criminal activity.

You can exploit this technology to recover your device in a lost or stolen situation without involving your phone operator because many platforms offer free online IMEI tracking. All you need to do is generate the IMEI of the device you want to track and run the IMEI tracking via a specialized platform to find the exact location of your smartphone.

Using the Lost Phone Tracker application

We can also mention Lost Phone Tracker, one of the best mobile applications that will help you find your target phone. It is also a great way to keep track of your children, employees, etc. You can use it to locate your device on the map, via SMS by sending a message to the mobile to try to get in touch with the person who picked it up, or by using the voice activation feature of the application to listen to the location of your device.

The service uses both GPS and cell tower triangulation to locate your device. It is easy to use and free for everyone. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Closing remarks

Be aware that you can locate someone just by their number using online location sites. Simply dial the phone number you wish to locate, with a personalized message. The person in possession of the mobile receives a location request via SMS with a link to agree to share their location.

Another solution is to use Google Maps, but this time for Android only (iOS location services don’t work via Google Maps), to do this you just need to share the location live via another chat-based application like WhatsApp or Messenger.

Finally, do not hesitate to multiply the methods to maximize your chances and locate a cell phone faster!

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