How to spy on a phone without installation?

Cell phone surveillance has become very common in recent years. This phone spying is often justified by various reasons. For example, a spouse may want to spy on his girlfriend’s smartphone to ensure her fidelity. Likewise, parents can choose to monitor their child’s tablet to see how they use it. However, hacking a cell phone almost always requires the use of spyware. In principle, the implementation of this program must be done on the phone of the targeted person, and this, without his knowledge. Of course, such an operation is not simple and requires a certain talent. So, how to spy on a cell phone without installation? Elements of an answer!

How to spy on an iPhone without installing spy software?

Spying on an iPhone without the help of software is very simple. Indeed, you must first have a spyware without jailbreak. Note that you can choose between several applications, but mSpy remains the most effective. For example, you can use flexispy, spyfer or xnspy if you prefer. Once your software is installed, you just have to open your account. In fact, after your subscription, you should receive a confirmation email to which you should reply. Simply enter the username and password of the iCloud account you want to monitor. You will then have to wait a few hours or even days for the developer to set up the spy system. After that, you will receive a link by email that gives you access to your control panel. You will see all the information collected by the software. This is how you can control the target device remotely.

How to spy on an Android cell phone without installing spyware?

The process of spying on Android devices is very different from that of an iPhone. In fact, you won’t find any spyware without installation compatible with Android today. You are therefore obliged to use a spy application that can be installed automatically and remotely. To this end, several alternatives are available to you. You have the possibility to use an application that you can install by sending SMS. In this case, you must send a link to your victim by message. The latter by clicking on it triggers the installation automatically. Keep in mind that this requires some knowledge. In addition, you can also use Bluetooth installable software. Here you will need the terminal owner’s permission to connect the two laptops. This is not at all obvious. So, spying on an Android phone is very complex unless you use hacking.

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Hacking, an efficient way of spying?

Like spyware, hacking offers several techniques to hack remotely and without installing an application. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with this kind of practice in order not to harm yourself. Therefore, here are some hacker techniques to monitor someone else’s smartphone.

SS7 attacks or phone hacking via SMS

SS7 is a communication protocol that most telephone operators use. It manages calls as well as sending and receiving messages by phone. Furthermore, this is a 40-year-old protocol that has hardly been strengthened. This exposes it very easily to attacks. So it only takes a few lines of code to access another person’s confidential data. You can even identify its geographical location using this technique. It obviously gives you the ability to monitor your target’s movements. Remember that this practice is illegal. On the other hand, you will need to respect the privacy of each person you date. This prevents you from jeopardizing your relationship with others.

MAC-Spoofing or identity theft

Although this strategy is vulgar, it does offer a fairly simple alternative. In reality, the Media Access Control (MAC) is a serial number that the designer assigns to electronic devices. It allows for easy identification of these devices as soon as they are connected to the network. Thus, this technique consists in taking over the MAC address of the targeted person. This guarantees you full access to the device of the person concerned. To do this, you need to download the Terminal Emulation application and a few extra lines of code. Remember that this technique is reliable but just as illegal as the first one.

SIM-Swapping or phone number theft

This method of phone hacking without installation is very common compared to others. It is simple, fast and efficient. Indeed, many applications nowadays require your phone number to function. These are most often social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram … Thus, with the SIM card of the person concerned you can have access to all his personal data. You must therefore find a way to get it back or ask the operator to activate a new card. Note that SIM-Swapping is also a technique prohibited by law.

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Traditional techniques for spying on a cell phone

Here, we are dealing mainly with two rather banal, but functional methods. They can help you in your quest especially if you are unable to assimilate modern techniques. Therefore, you can choose one of the following strategies:

Ask your target directly for the phone

To spy on a cell phone without installing any software, this alternative may be the solution that suits you best. In fact, it saves you the hassle and cost of using a spy application. Above all, you must use your observation and analysis skills and be able to act wisely. Only in this way can you convince your target to let you handle his smartphone. However, you must be careful not to be suspected of anything. Keep in mind that you may come across inappropriate or sensitive content. Be very careful not to make a mistake.

Stealing your target’s phone without their knowledge

Unlike the first method, this one is slightly tricky. You have to search your victim’s cell phone behind his back. However, you may encounter several difficulties such as the access code or the unlocking scheme of the device. So you have to be cunning in order to defeat its security quickly. Once the phone is open, you are free to consult it as you wish. However, you will only see the information that the latter has saved. Any deleted data is irreversible and prevents you from carrying out your spying. Note that if they are a suspicious person, they will almost always delete the contents of their laptop. This makes it extremely difficult for you.

Free portable spy software without installation and sniffing technique

To hack a cell phone or tablet, using free mobile spyware is very convenient. Moreover, these tools are quite reliable when you master their operation. HoverWatch is one of those applications that can easily solve your problem. Indeed, it works only on Android, but offers various features. It is able to spy on your partner’s text messages and tap their phone calls. You can also secretly control the microphone of your spouse’s or children’s device.

In contrast, sniffing is based on the collection of information available on a wifi network. Thus, you must first be able to crack a wifi security code. Once the wireless network is hacked, you can access the data traffic it relays with ease. This allows you to satisfy your curiosity.

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